About Us

About Us-900Marvin Luterman is the owner of Premium Precious Metals, LLC. For more than twenty years, Mr. Luterman was the chief operating officer of a major precious metals refinery, where he developed new markets for low grade, precious metal bearing scrap, and where he traded product throughout the United States, Europe, and Central America.  Mr. Luterman was responsible for adaptation and implementation of Federal Environmental Regulatory Standards ISO 14001

Marvin formed and structured Premium Precious Metals, LLC to pay the greatest and quickest prices for customers gold, silver, and platinum scrap, as well as jewelry scrap, plated materials, and lower grade items, such as floor sweeps and slags.

Customers can lock in the price received for their metals at true, actual, verifiable spot prices. Equipment is state-of-the art. Customers can view their metal, as it is weighed, analyzed, sampled, and melted, live in person or via e-mail.

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